The Modern Folk Rock Kit - Multi-Sample Pack

February 25 2016 – Drumdrops Admin

The Modern Folk Rock Kit Multi Sample Pack is now released. This is an amazing kit and an amazing pack. The samples in this pack comes as 24-bit WAVs and they have been mixed from a combination of the Close, overhead and room mics, Each articulation contains up to 24 velocities and for some software patches (EXS24, Kontakt 5.5, Battery & TX16WX) we have included three round robins. So these patches access a total of 2861 samples. 

This versatile pack also include patches for many other software samplers. We include patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt 5.5, TX16Wx, Renoise, Ableton Drum Racks, Studio One’s Impact, Reasons NN-XT and Redrum Refills, Maschine, Geist and iDrum.

On top of this we include over 1200 MIDI grooves to be utilised, covering a variety of genres all played by Drumdrops drummers. This excellent pack retails for £ 22.00 and contains 3.63 gig of samples and patches.

For more information check out the pack here:-

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