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Drum Samples

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Glam Rock Kit

From $5.38 - $21.52

The Krautrock Kit

From $5.38 - $21.52

70s Session Superstar Kit

From $5.38 - $21.52

We have sampled several of the best drum kits we've come across, from Tony Allen's personal afrobeat drum kit, to a vintage 60s Ringo-style Ludwig, to a punchy modern funk kit. All are meticulously recorded using the country's finest recording studios, equipment and engineers. Available packs include the One Shot - a really simple single hit for every drum. Single Hits - usually three velocity's per sample. Multi-Sample - between 6 and 24 velocities per sample, and finally All Samples - up to 24 velocities, plus close mic samples, and even round robins.

Perfect for those who want to create their own beats using super high quality analogue drum samples, or want to replace some of their recorded hits with a higher quality sample.