Album Release - 70s New Wave Drops Feat. Pete Thomas - Out Now!

September 03 2013 – Drumdrops Admin


The late 1970s; a time of denim, big hair, drainpipes and the explosion of New Wave music. Leaving behind the days of God Save The Queen–style anarchy, New Wave bands drew on influences such as the Velvet Underground and New York Dolls whilst throwing in synths and electronic production to turn music in a fresh ‘post-punk’ direction.

New Wave was pioneered by acts from both the US and UK, particularly Talking Heads, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Nick Lowe, Blondie and Joe Jackson. By the turn of the decade various sub genres were appearing, most significantly the New Romantic era, which included bands like Duran Duran, Japan, Ultravox and Adam & The Ants. Moving into the 90s, bands like Stereolab, Saint Etienne and Elastica were still influenced by the genre, later paving the way for the explosion of Brit Pop. More recently, the 2000’s saw a new sub-genre, the ‘New’ New Wave, (yes, really!) with The Strokes, Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Franz Ferdinand taking the limelight.

So, Introducing ‘70s New Wave Drops’; a perfectly condensed drum album featuring 70s Elvis Costello-sounding New Wave drum tracks – That’s right, we’ve done the hard bit for you! The album features the drumming skills of Elvis Costello & The Attractions’ Pete Thomas, who’s performed on the majority of Costello albums and has been an integral part of the band from 1977 right up to the present day. Legendary Engineer/producer, Roger Bechirian, recorded and mixed the album at Miloco’s The Square studio and has put his expert touch on this essential album, having recorded and produced many of Costello’s past records.

Offered as drum multi-tracks, mixes, drum stems and drum loops, everyone’s needs are catered for. All of the multi-tracks come with session templates including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper and Studio One.

The multi-track versions are available to buy and download now (with stems and loops coming soon) So get yours here. Just choose the track and format, or buy the whole album and you’re ready to go!